Creating simple cell shading custom post-process in HDRP

Requirements for this project

  • HDRP 7.0.0+
  • Unity 2019.4+
  • Code Editor of your choice

A bit of background

  • Hue is the color portion of the model.
  • Saturation describes the amount of gray in a particular color.
  • Value works in conjunction with saturation and represents the brightness or intensity of the color.


public override CustomPostProcessInjectionPoint injectionPoint => CustomPostProcessInjectionPoint.BeforePostProcess;
float3 outColor = LOAD_TEXTURE2D_X(_InputTexture, positionSS).xyz;
float3 outColor = LOAD_TEXTURE2D_X(_InputTexture, positionSS).xyz;float3 hsvColor = RgbToHsv(outColor);hsvColor.b = 1;outColor = HsvToRgb(hsvColor);
float posterize(float In, float steps){
return floor(In / (1 / steps)) * (1 / steps);
hsvColor.b = 1;
hsvColor.b = posterize(hsvColor.b, 6);
hsvColor.b = posterize(hsvColor.b, _PosterizeAmount);
[SerializeField] private FloatParameter _posterizeAmount = new FloatParameter(1f);
m_Material.SetFloat(“_PosterizeAmount”, _posterizeAmount.value);





Unity Developer

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Unity Developer

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